Hassan was an island of reliability and competence in a sea of next-to-useless entry-level staff and interns at my company. He was consistently punctual, personable, and trustworthy. He was, and still is, one of the very few entry-level personnel that I STILL email and ask to complete small tasks from time to time.

I’d hire him back anytime, but he’s destined for bigger and better things. I foresee him really taking off in the near future so hitch your wagons to him while you can. He will maximize any opportunity given him.

I’m happy to vouch further via phone/email/LinkedIn if necessary. Cheers.

Jordan Harbinger
Managing Partner, The Art of Charm

As the Associate Vice President for University Advancement at the University of Mary Washington, I had the great pleasure of working with Hassan Abdelhalim on the University’s Strategic Planning Committee. Throughout the process, Hassan exhibited admirable qualities of leadership and maturity. A person of unquestionable integrity, he lives by a strong set of personal values, realizing the importance of a strong and meaningful liberal arts education.

A determined, disciplined and motivated person, Hassan exemplifies professionalism, combined with intense spirit, creativity and energy. He works hard to achieve goals, characterized by his leadership and respect from peers. I very much enjoyed working with Hassan on the University’s Strategic Planning Committee; we worked as a solid team, sharing ideas and thoughts to better the University and it mission. Hassan’s insight, energy, and perseverance are admirable and lasting qualities.

Ken Steen
Associate VP – University Development, University of Mary Washington