Job Market for Millennials

Posted on Apr 5, 2013

Quartz published an editorial I wrote in response to an article about the job market for Millennials. We’re talking about Yale University right? Because at the moment I can only think of employed Yale graduates. I’ve read about Yale graduates all the time in profiles of incoming class of Harvard Law and books about inventing social media (you guys were LinkedIn right?). Companies such as Booze Allen Hamilton post institution-specific job postings requesting Yale graduates all the time.   The job market was never meant to be a course catalog for the school of life. Surely, you can see the absurdity of choosers who expect determinism. If four years at one of the best schools in the country didn’t soothe your anxiety, you’re asking a lot of an entry-level position.   Great news though, you’re not trapped in your search for an adequate job market. In fact, you don’t even have to search for a market. You only need one job. I sincerely think you can do it. You know how to identify evidence that confirms your current perception of the job market. You can write well and you’ve inspired me to write this.   Hassan Halim Indianapolis, Indiana   (Original Article: Yale Senior: We Millienials Don’t Stand A Chance by Bijan...

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“Brothers or Bullies?”

Posted on Dec 12, 2012

My article on Bullying was recently published in the Fall 2012 Issue of the Psi Upsilon...

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